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Recruitment and Selection Strategies Essay Example for Free

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Essay An Organization can process Recruitment and Selection strategies by using a simple technique based on the knowledge and skills of an applicant. It is imperative that an Organization be able to recruit the most experienced, skilled and suitable candidates. Having a recruitment process is critical for new Organizations. The first step consists of managing applicants and welcoming potential participants (Cascio, 2013). To entice and recruit highly knowledgeable and experienced employees, Landslide Limousine must wisely develop a strong recruitment strategy and plan. Organizational Goals While looking at all past communication, the client communicated that Landslide Limousine would require 25 employees, with a projected revenue of $50,000 in the first year, and an expected yearly revenue growth of 5%. They also expect an annual turnover of 10%, while maintaining an expected yearly revenue growth of 5%. This can seem overwhelming while keeping track of it all. By following the recruitment and selection strategy plan, you must use it to employ the most skilled and suitable candidates. This will help the organization in accomplishing its Organizational Goals and offering superior service to its clients is priority. This in turn, will add value to the Organization. Demographic Changes In today’s world, many changes are occurring in demographics due to globalization. It’s imperative that there be focus on a more diverse  workplace. Being able to manage a diverse workplace can have its challenges. By having a diverse workplace, it benefits the Organization by offering opportunities to influence and obtain its potential employees. Using proper recruiting and selection strategies, Landslide Limousine Services are able to compete with other competitors by providing customers with superior service. It is highly recommended that the company intend to hire theut most skilled and knowledgeable candidates. Having a proper recruitment and selection strategy along with a rewarding reward and compensation plan. With all of these in place, Landslide Limousines Services can achieve the challenges given at hand and those challenges involved in managing workplace diversity. Organizational Branding As a small business owner, it is important to first create awareness, by advising current employees to spread the news about the company friends and family. Employees can also use the employee referral system to help the company in seeking experienced and qualified applicants. This will help the company in generating job satisfaction and a culture in which employees feel valued and trusted. The company can also accomplish two highly important objectives by caring for the current employee’s concerns and desire for promotion. These objectives consist of forming a high-quality learning environment and choosing individuals for current opening in various divisions within the organization (Cascio, 2013). The most important stage of developing a successful limousine service consists of managing the selection of drivers and hiring chauffeurs. These positions represent the face of the company. Customer service is very key and vital in these positions, as they type of service the customer receives will determine their continued business and longevity with the company. With this, it is important for the management teams to focus on the selecting, hiring, and retaining the organizations valued resources. It is also important that the organization abide by the organizations local and state laws and regulations. Not following the company’s proper employment practices can cause harm to the organization as well as the client. When selecting a chauffeur, management must create job ethics and standards.  It is important these standards are followed by each applicant applying for the chauffeur position. The next step is to develop a job description. Developing a job description will ensure that each applicant is aware of the jobs responsibilities and expectations associated with the position. Properly developing strong job responsibilities will also assist in disciplining chauffeurs who are not performing efficiently. Upon offering the chauffeur position it is important to give each applicant a copy or the job description. The next step in recruitment is to prepare a job application form. This will ensure that the correct information is provided to the applicants in regard to the working in the limousine business. The final step in the recruitment process is developing a limousine driver training and employee placement package. The training and placement package will assist in helping management and employ ee to move forward after the hiring process is complete. Methods for Screening Once an applicant has submitted their application and each application has been carefully reviewed, a formal interview should follow for all qualified candidates. When conducting a formal interview, they will assist the hiring manager by giving them an overview of the client. From how they are dressed, to how well they speak and act, to include all other body language. According to Cascio (2013), when conducting the proper interview it is important to follow the following steps. It is important for Management to have a comprehensive list of questions to ask applicants. Prepare for the interview and select a designated time in a quiet location. Pay close attention to the applicant and listen to their answers with an open mind. It is crucial to avoid all unnecessary interruptions and answering the phone when conducting a formal interview. Remember to avoid making promises to prospective applicants. If a promise has been made, it is imperative that it be done to avoid misrepresenting or misleading an applicant. It is critical that during this interview, management evaluate appearance, knowledge, communication skills, education and character for determination. Methods for Recruiting Candidates It is important to consider any laws that may be used for recruitment and  selection. Acknowledging and abiding by these laws passed to protect the rights of people in the workplace, are very important when trying to run a successful business. Being able to adapt to a changing society is crucial to have continued success and growth in an Organization. Some of the laws that Management must be aware of are: The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967- protects employees from discrimination on the basis of age. Both private and public employers need to adhere to the provisions of the law which calls for eliminating discrimination of employees above the age of forty (EEOC, 2014). The Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibits discrimination based on religion, color, sex or origin. This is law is particularly applicable to workplaces employing more than 15 people (EEOC, 2014). The Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibits discrimination based on religion, color, sex or origin. This is law is particularly applicable to workplaces employing more than 15 people (EEOC, 2014). The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1975 – which prohibits refusal to employ pregnant female employees (EEOC, 2014). Selecting Candidates After the interview process, potential candidates move on the next step of the process which consists of forming an analysis of all applicants or potential candidates, to include all information gathered from the formal interview. Each potential applicant must be screened for the important requirements that Landslide Limousine Services will be needing candidates that have superior driving skills, review a copy of their motor vehicle records if applicable, and a background check. These requirements will help in assisting Landslide Limousine Services in providing adequate information for each potential applicant and help in selecting the right employee for the position. Conclusion Selecting the correct candidate is an important process for any business. Although some applicants have excellent work history, it is imperative that management recruit the most qualified. Candidates who not only have the experience, but will maintain great communication, customer service with clients and can help make the goals of the Organization a reality. Hiring the right employees in a business can have a big impact on the business. It can either be very good or very bad. So, making sure to hire the right  employees will dictate the type of service your Company will be giving. It might seem simple to train an employee for their position, however, it is impossible to train an employee on morale, attitude and motivation. (Cascio, 2013). References Cascio, W. F. (2013). Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits (9th ed.) Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill/Irwin EEOC (2014). Discrimination by Type, retrieved from http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/index.cfm

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